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Survivors With A Purpose is a series of interviews with adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse. These interviews are designed to give the survivor an opportunity to share their story in a way that both empowers them and provides valuable insight to our listeners so they can learn to better protect children. 

Our hope is that each story will create a dialog, internally within your minds, as well as externally with your family and other community members. We want you to take the time to analyze each story to determine how you could protect the children in your lives from similar abuse.

We have provided a set of Reflection Questions for you to ponder after you have listened to each story. 

Survivors With A Purpose
Reflection Questions

  • List the reasons that the survivor didn't tell.
  • List the reasons that the survivor wasn't able to protect themselves from their perpetrator.
  • What boundaries could you put in place for the children in your life that would intercede with
    the specific scenarios experienced by this survivor?
  • What could you teach the children in your life that would help prepare them if they were ever
    faced with a similar situation?
  • What could you tell the children in your life that would increase the likelihood of them telling if
    they were abused?
  • What signs did the survivor display as a child that would indicate possible sexual abuse?
  • How did the abuse impact the survivor (physically, emotionally, mentally, psychologically,
    spiritually, relationally, financially, socially, etc.)?
  • Has your new understanding of the impact changed how you will relate to people who struggle
    with similar issues in their life (either known abuse or similar behavioral issues)?


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