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Welcome Non-Offending Parents!

You are not alone!

If you have just found out that your child has been sexually abused, we understand what you are going through. We understand from personal experience how devastating it can be to hear that your child has been sexually violated. We understand the emotional roller coaster you are on, including bouts of despair, confusion, anger, fear, and guilt. We understand the stress and pressure of having to manage interactions with law enforcement, child protective services, attorneys, therapists, court proceedings, and your child's pain - all while keeping up with the normal routine of work, grocery shopping, laundry, cooking, bills, and homework. You may have even lost your income because your child's offender was the sole income provider. It may feel like more than you can handle, but you can. We have been through it and come out the other side and so will you. 

This is a club we never wanted to belong to, but thank God there is a club!


It doesn't matter if your child is still a minor or is a grown adult, it is no less devastating to hear that your child has been abused. It is particularly difficult if their offender is a family member, maybe even your spouse, or worse yet another one of your children. This is a difficult time, no matter what your specific circumstances are, and TAALK is committed to connecting parents with others who have gone before them so they are not walking through this alone. Please reach out to us at  if you are interested in joining our peer-to-peer non-offending parent support group.

We are here for you. 
You can be there for someone else.
We are in this together! We are stronger together!


In addition to other parents, there are some great resources available to help you navigate this season. 

One great book for parents is Straying Toward Truth by Karen Fennel – it is written by a mom who also happens to be a therapist and her son who is the survivor. His abuse was by an Uncle so the book addresses not only the parents’ emotions of guilt, anger, etc. but also the complex family dynamics that arise as the truth is told. Though it is specific to familial abuse, the dynamics are true irregardless - everyone around a survivor will be faced with the making a choice of who to believe - the victim or the alleged perpetrator. I highly recommend you order the book right away. 

There are many other books available for prevention and recovery. We have pulled together a list to get you started - you can download the list via the link below.